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We offer wide range of high-quality Farm Machinery from Domestic to Industrial we’ve it all.


We are central India’s largest & oldest agricultural engineering company. The company started trading in 1968. The company is spread over 80,000 sq ft in Indore, with well-equipped infrastructure facilities for manufacturing of agricultural engineering equipment. We offer a wide range agri equipment in a wide range of categories.

Engineering at its Best

Indra Marshal is devoted to excellence in agri equipments and research, and developing farming techniques in many disciplines which makes a difference nationally.

  • Power Weeder

  • Diesel Engine Pumpset

  • Multi Fuel Pumpset

  • Electrical Pumpset

  • Compressors

Our customer base includes farmer, government department, industries etc.


We strive to provide sustainable solutions, which are essential to human life. We focus on the challenges our customers face in Agri, Agro Industrial Segments & capitalizing power, thereby enriching people’s lives for all our tomorrows.

Our Core Values define who we want to be. These are to be upheld at all times and embedded into the DNA of the organisation.

  • Respect for People : We will demonstrate dignity and respect for people in all our interactions. We will not tolerate belittling of people, regardless of position, or circumstance.
  • Empowerment : People at all levels must be vested with the power and confidence to take decisions concerning their area of work.
  • Transparency : People will under stand the processes and criteria used to arrive at decisions concerning them.
  • Collaboration : We will work with our colleagues with the spirit of collaboration and mutual respect.

Our Strategic Values define how we will achieve the envisioned future. These must be embedded into our manner of thinking and ways of work.

  • Customer Centricity : Acute sensitivity to the needs and experiences of the customer shall guide all that we do.
  • Excellence : We will strive to achieve and surpass world class standards in all that we do.

  • Innovation : We will use the power of technology and imagination to deliver solutions to the customers needs.

  • Agility : We will operate in our markets with the ability to change direction and position with nimbleness and speed.

To become the leading agricultural company in the world for the investors, employees, clients and community.
Steadily profitable. Efficiently growing. With respect to people and land.
We aim to be the most forward thinking and customer-focused supplier of sustainable farm machineries.

Power Tiller

Conventional Diesel Engine

Rotary Tiller

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